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About us

How can we as a society give ourselves space and time for our own development? We are becoming more and more aware of how individually people develop and how necessary it is to have a learning attitude that is tailored to this. We would like to make a contribution to this development.

Free School East Frisia - Freie Schule Ostfriesland

The non-profit association “Raum für natürliches Lernen e.V.” is the responsible body for the Freie Schule Ostfriesland. In the two and a half years of our primary school operation, we have learned a lot.

First and foremost: Our vision that learning cannot be planned is in reality often challenging, confusing, exhausting, but also fulfilling and heartwarming when we see “our” kids develop well in the care of the school, in a way they might not have been able to under other conditions. This confirms us and gives us courage.

We are now taking the first steps towards high school with our “big ones” and have introduced project-based learning since this school year. Under the umbrella topic of “the 17 sustainability goals,” the students look for topics to occupy them in the following weeks. They find research questions, develop content and present their results in the group or to other school members.



However, we do not see our commitment limited to our school, but also want to enable others to create a learning and living space that encourages people to learn individually, independently and self-determined.

From a hackathon idea of ours, a new concept is emerging - we want to develop a learning, organization and operating system that works for alternative schools and that is available as open source for all. Work has started and we want to go live with a first release ourselves in the 2021-22 school year. We also want to use it to better integrate the school into its environment: ideally creating a learning space with many different offerings for everyone, not just students. Take a look around and join in!



To broaden our view, we have created the Meetup Group “Raum für natürliches Lernen”. With that room, we open up digitally and give you the opportunity to inform yourself, network and help to create new learning worlds. Together we can successfully promote this positive development.